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Welcome to ApproveMyLoan.com! No one makes it easier than the home loan experts at Digital Funding Corporation! We are ready to help you with your new mortgage, refinance, or home equity loan needs — all at great low interest rates and low monthly payments.  Explore our web site for exclusive home loan options, easy-to-use mortgage calculators, home loan articles, and instant rate quotes for Residential and Commercial real estate mortgages.  Apply for your mortgage online or talk to a home loan expert today. Call us now at 1-888-899-FUND (3863).


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  1. We VALUE lasting relationships, not sales!
  2. Substitute your option arm for a FIXED rate with low monthly payments. You already know your low payment Neg. Am. mortgage could jeopardize your home.
  3. Stay ahead of the market by getting into a good loan before the product you need is discontinued or your home declines in value!  If you owe more than your real estate is worth, we have options for upside down real estate mortgages.
  4. Exceptions are common and encouraged - "Tell me the story... we'll find a product fit!"
  5. Stellar SERVICE is our goal on every loan.  Our professionalism guarantees immediate responses, quick turn times, fast approvals and loans tailored to your needs.  We are dedicated to simplifying the process with loans that make sense. Real Estate lending isn’t rocket science; We make the home loan experience pleasant.
  6. Accessibility is Company policy.  Our job is to keep you abreast of current mortgage status during the loan process.  Our prompt communication will minimize needless frustration.
  7. Our technology translates to minimal fees and added savings.  You’ll also have access to monitor your loan progress until the mortgage is funded.
  8. 1% interest rate with low monthly payments.  Learn how this program really works to determine if this is the right home loan for you.
  9. Interest-Only Options with Great Low Rates – 1 month, 6-mos., 1yr, 2yr, 3yr, 5yr, 7yr, and 10yr programs. Full doc, stated, or no income programs. Super-Jumbo Loan Amounts Available for residential real estate.  High LTV Investment Properties - Cash-Out up to 80% CLTV.  Commercial loans with flexible underwriting.
  10. Commercial loans designed to help Small Business owners to $1,000,000, 90%CLTV, Stated/Stated.  NOO, 85-90% > $5MM - $115MM.  OO, 90% $750k - $29 MM.  Stated Commercial purchase to 90%LTV $750K - $2MM.  NO PPP 80%LTV $3MM - $50MM.  Business Loan Program-No Real Estate 90%LTV $500K - $29MM.